The Binnacle List  –  There was once a time in older navies that the list of sick crew members was placed upon the ship’s binnacle each morning for the Captain to review. As we all know (more like, today I learned) the ship’s binnacle is a stand that contains the ship’s compass and a lamp for the officer on watch. In more modern times the binnacle list was the ship’s sick list, which aided in the Captain’s decision of who got the tough jobs for the day. These days there is just a sick list, but I’m bringing the Binnacle List back! So, below is the Binnacle List for SV Marilyn- our list of all things that are sick and we have to work through before Justin retires. Boat Life!

V Berth
Ripout - Done! 100%
Sand Everything 50%
Run electrical - not started
Rebuild Chain Locker - not started
Fwd Head Ripout 90%
Rip Out - not started
Engine Room
Rip Out 50%
Clean and preserve - not started
Install Batteries - not started
Install Motor - not started
Install Electrical Distribution System- not started
Rip Out 100%

Finally got to cleaning out the v-berth and boy, what a mess! Still itching from all the fiberglass, but we’re almost ready to start building the chain locker.

While the ladies worked forward in the fiberglass forest, Justin got to work tearing up that diesel. Though, decoupling the shaft went…poorly. Check it out on IG below!

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