Organization is a Superpower

Oh hey!

I’m Brandi, welcome to my little corner of the world wide web. 

Where to begin…

I grew up an army brat, we moved around a lot. You would think that I would be great at making friends, but not so much. I am pretty shy and very introverted. I can’t decide if that was an inherent personality trait or something that was nurtured by my childhood. Being an introvert I have a lot of super awesome skills though. Like, I am great at planning. It’s actually a hobby of mine, lol. I have planners and notebooks for EVERYTHING. I think it might actually be my superpower. Another thing I am super at, research! You know the saying, “knowledge is power”? Well, it’s kinda my mantra. I will research something that I want to learn or am curious about until I am confident that I know enough to be considered a reputable source in the matter. I am also a Type-A perfectionist. I’m pretty sure my family doesn’t consider this to be a superpower but I do! I can not do anything to just ‘good enough’ and you better believe the canned goods in my pantry are facing labels out for ease of use.

I promise I’m not only all about organization. I do have other interest and I have been know to be a little bit of a risk taker, for example, we bought a boat, and that was my idea! Yep that was all me and I jumped in with both feet! I did do a LOT of research  about blue water sailboats, before we bought Marilyn, but I started to sell and downsize our house the minute Justin was on bored with the whole idea. I made a video about it, linked below. Some of my other interest are below as well. I wouldn’t call myself a girl girl but… I do love being 40 and looking, well, not 40 (showing myself some love). You can find videos, blog post, and links to the products I love and use daily on my beauty page linked below.