...but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night 🙂

Way back in 2003 I made a series of outstanding decisions that resulted in my trip to Illinois and my start in the US NAVY. Seventeen years later, I am planning my retirement, not only from the NAVY, but a true retirement. The Owney family bought a sailboat in July 2020 and soon, but not soon enough, will be living on the water and cruising the world. It may seem weird at first to choose a nomadic lifestyle, but really, we've been doing it for years. With all the moving around over the last 17 years, cruising internationally is the only aspect of boating life that we will be ready for!

When I’m not underway on a submarine somewhere, not working on our retirement dream, and not working on this website, I like to spend time in my woodshop. Brandi and I are huge fans of YouTubers Shanty2Chic, and have built a few of their projects. Our favorite piece so far was their farm style dining table, which I think turned out exceptional as a two-tone piece.