I’m Amelia Rose but you can call me Minnie. I’m a sophomore in high school. I live in Hawaii with my parents and older sister. I’m currently taking Pre-Calc and STEM 2 on my journey to becoming an astrophysicist. But that’s way down the road. My big high school goal is to obtain all of the graduation cords my school offers which is going to help me get scholarships and grants to put me through college.


I grew up in Groton, Connecticut with my parents and 2 older sisters. I say I grew up there, because I lived there for almost 8 years. We lived in Washington before that, but that’s way too far back to remember. One of my favorite places in Connecticut was Clyde’s Cider Mill. They made apple cider and pastries to go with it. It was only open in the fall and then lines were long but that was the one place I wouldn’t mind waiting hours.


We moved to Hawaii when I was in 7th grade and I absolutely loathed the whole thing. I missed my northeast snowfall, didn’t like my new school, was cramped in a small hotel room for weeks while we waited for our house to be ready…it was bad. Oh, and then there was that dumb missile warning, which was almost as bad as the first spider I saw on the island. Good job, Hawaii, you made a “wonderful” first impression.


But, as it turns out, this place is amazing and I love it here!


The whole island is only about 40 miles wide, so it is always a quick trip when looking for something to do or some good eats. The beaches have soft sand, very different from the pebbly east coast beaches. The island is a melting pot of culture, centered in the pacific and accessible (well, until recently) to so many countries and people. This place is truly a paradise.


I have never worked as anything besides a babysitter but I plan to get a job when I am old enough. So, if I could have my pick of anything to start with I would want to be a nanny, but I’d settle for being a barista at a good coffee shop.


In my spare time I cook and bake new recipes. I love to try new things and tailor foods to my personal taste. Check out our IG for all of our foodie experiments.


Thanks for reading!